Fiddleheads have a very short season in which they are available, that would be the Spring time only. They have a similar taste to asparagus and go well with just about anything. Super high in vitamins & minerals, fiddleheads are also an excellent source of plant based protein.



2 cups of fresh organic fiddleheads, ends trimmed and washed thoroughly. These can get pretty gritty so make sure to get in all the nooks and remove the dirt before cooking.

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Muscle weakness and fatigue are common symptoms of Lyme disease. Coupled with nerve pain, neurological issues and depression, it becomes difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. Even thinking about adding daily physical activity during this difficult time can be stressful. And as your body reels from the constant strain of fighting off Lyme and co infections, rest becomes more important and, ironically, sometimes more difficult. Reclaiming a restorative lifestyle becomes a monumental task.

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